Start with Impact

How to Grow Your Social Enterprise?

Join our 6-week coaching program to get the clarity you need to lead your idea from startup to a thriving and impactful social enterprise.

Searching for a fine balance between
your impact strategy and business growth?

Do you:

  • Struggle to find the right fit for you to manage purpose and profit together?
  • Invest a lot of time and resources that is not translating into impact and stakeholder support?
  • Need to evaluate and update your social enterprise goals for the next level of success?
  • Have business growth support but need to deepen your focus on the impact strategy?
  • Want to communicate your mission and get your team and community more excited and involved?
  • Feel overwhelmed trying to balance day-to-day operations and strategic planning for your social enterprise?
  • Experience challenges in getting recognized as a mission-focused social enterprise?

That is why we have designed the Start with Impact program, a 6-module program designed especially for changemakers like you to launch and establish an effective social enterprise.

The coaching program breaks down social impact strategy into 5 core principles for social enterprises:

  1. A clear mission to create positive social, environmental or cultural impact
  2. Products or services that generate revenue
  3. Inclusive community engagement, raising awareness and governance
  4. Key performance indicators and reporting on the mission
  5. Operating and decision-making structures that prioritize the social enterprise mission

Coaching program journey

social impact and social enterprise coaches

Your Network of Support

We are passionate about social impact and have cumulative experience of 25 years in supporting changemakers to take the next steps for success and enjoy the journey.

Zahra Qureshi and Brooke Gordon

Start with Impact has 6 virtual weekly sessions of 1.5-hour facilitated coaching with a small curated group of peers also driven to create positive impact:

  1. The problem and systems you want to impact
  2. Customers, revenue and funding
  3. Meaningful governance and community engagement
  4. Aligning operations to the core mission
  5. Managing activities, outcomes and costs
  6. Sharing your impact story

On completion, you will have a clear path forward for your social enterprise and access to an alumni community network to keep learning and growing together.

Cost to join the coaching program: $490

What to expect?

Start with Impact will help you to implement these principles into your organization in a sustainable way with support from experts and peers to establish best practices.

Work with dedicated resources, proven methodologies and templates to manage your social enterprise strategy

Reflection, accountability and encouragement alongside peers who have similar goals

Share your vision to build a team and network of supporters who believe in the mission and its importance

Streamline all areas to align for success, including core operations, marketing, finance, governance and more

Ready to move your social enterprise journey forward?

Apply now. The next cohort of the coaching program launches September 13, 2023.