Create effective, sustainable social impact

Social Venture Circuit provides a safe space for changemakers leading growing social enterprises to access the resources and peer support they need to balance purpose and profit sustainably.

social enterprises with environmental impact

What is a social enterprise and how do we support?

Social enterprises are organizations that have a:

Core mandate to generate positive social, environmental, or cultural impact


Business model to generate revenue from the sale of products and services

Strategic plan to balance purpose and profit that is suitable for their industry and community.


Wondering how to start a social enterprise? You are in the right place.

Social Venture Circuit supports these social impact ideas to grow and thrive as sustainable social enterprise through education, collaboration and advocacy. We are a community of changemakers who are building and leading social enterprises for sustainable impact. Together, we create a safe space to:

We are excited that you have chosen to build a social enterprise for positive impact but we also understand it is not easy. We support diversity of practice, outreach and advocacy initiatives to make sure you can get the support you need. Our initiatives are community-drivenindustry specific and designed to support your journey and learning.