Our mission

We connect changemakers across Canada with the tools, community and support they need to start and build organizations that balance purpose and profit sustainably. We want to help you achieve your social enterprise vision for positive social, environmental and cultural impact.

Each member of our community is committed to using responsible and sustainable practices as a social enterprise.

Our commitment to social enterprise is broken down into 5 key principles:

  1. A clear mission to create positive social, environmental or cultural impact
  2. Products or services that generate revenue
  3. Inclusive community engagement, raising awareness and governance
  4. Key performance indicators and reporting on the mission
  5. Operating and decision-making structures that prioritize the social enterprise mission

About Us

Meet Zahra


After completing her Chartered Professional Accountant, Zahra spent several years practicing in the field of financial and management reporting including strategic support for business decisions. With a family history of and passion for entrepreneurship, she pivoted her career to support small businesses and social enterprises through her own firm, Optinum Professional Corp. and as a coach with several local incubation/ accelerator programs. In 2020, she launched Social Venture Circuit to create a community of success stories and support in her local area for a social enterprise economy.

Zahra has a track record of providing strategic support to many social enterprises, non-profits and charities, including over $500,000 in funds raised to invest in their growth and teaching finance and impact concepts to 1,000+ entrepreneurs.

Meet Aleena

Communications Coordinator

With her gift for storytelling and unwavering commitment to social impact, Aleena elevates the voices of changemakers within our community. 

Our Board of Directors

Chair and Secretary

Finance professional with 15+ years of experience in operations and financial management.


Entrepreneur and non-profit founder with a specialization in accounting systems and processes

General Director
Startups, non-profits and innovation in finance and banking

Thank you to the amazing programs who have helped to move our vision forward and support the growth of social enterprises across Canada.