The Fundamentals of Understanding Social Enterprise

June 17, 2021 – Here, we explore the definition of social enterprise and how these operating models are set up to empower communities, protect the environment and redesign societal norms for future generations. This workshop, Exploring Social Enterprise, was our first event to inaugurate, Startup Social Enterprise, a Startup Canada community led by Social Venture Circuit (learn more about Startup Communities here). Check out the recording below to learn more about:

  • The evolving definition of what is a social enterprise
  • Why do we need a strong future for this sector
  • The social impact and revenue generation frameworks that need to co-exist in a social enterprise operation
  • A quick overview of the process to design a social enterprise and the process of managing and scaling them

Stay tuned for more programming from Startup Social Enterprise, a Canada-wide initiative to share learnings and build advocacy for issues facing social enterprises.



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